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Fortunately, at noon, the supermarket is not a lot of people, I was on the first floor to pick some canned food, vegetables, bread and milk. She looked at the fat on their arms deep in the small two, and then I nodded: "? Right right right, how will go to where you are. Only this time, she was suddenly a nightmare raving, kept whispering: "Mountain side - Mountain side - do not go do not go ." I was taken aback, put his ear up to listen to her think what she just suddenly interrupted, and sleeping in the past. Rao is the case, but even to eat very engaging. The narcissistic person sitting in the living room, lost a wave and then a wave, leaving only a shell deep sofa, looking at all sorts of boring television programs, go to God." Girls do not know when it was standing behind me, I suddenly big embarrassment, blushing, said:. "No, just a little pain in the head.

Cool while back - it is an illusion? Clearly someone behind me always with me! In fact, from the supermarket I had into this "illusion," but I thought it was an illusion! I have always been too sensitive, but at the moment my Guangzhong clearly see a shadow when I stopped, hidden into a corner, like a nether. Sharks jerseys for babies " Well, I decided not to force himself to hook moonlight had all my body and mind - the moments of beauty, when the whim, if otherwise go for a ride to a certain Fan enlightened. Her face with Yuan Xiaohua there is a difference, but among my eyes meet as if she thought she let me questioning whispers softly: "?? What's your name come from. Sharks jerseys for sale But even remember it snow dog and know its name originally called Babe.Probably frightened, the girl fell into a coma again, which leads to the result that I told her conversation was interrupted again. Sharks jerseys for kids The last phase with each other and smile, much less the moment the gap between us. blood red, dark red .

"There is something to eat?" She asked did not answer, did not dare look me carried away. Does she just nightmares, or else how would there be such a dramatic reflect? I wondered if she would like to ask, just as I tried to speak, the girl lost her balance again leant slowly fell down. Maybe she'll wake up one day, maybe not, she will sleep forever, waiting for a prince to have her body to lift the spell. He is a psychologist, but addition also has studied medicine, I try the phone with him to explain the situation in detail. . I study the medicine chest to take over quickly open because anxious hands and feet become very agile, can fall into children put all the medicine down on the table, then find Otani said hemostasis and disinfection medicine, bandages . My thoughts intricate, folded hands, I sat next to the girl, thought or said:? "Such a thing is not, or we go to the police to see it maybe they can help busy, know your identity, You may also be able to find your family - "" no, I do not go! "the girl refuses to very decisive, not just askew innocent lovely face, even in her chin trembling. I looked at the bloated fat lady, she seems a bit vague impression that may have been seen where.