R.I.P. co-founder Jessica "Betti' Cueva

Jessica Cueva MEMorial

Mind.Erase.Media was co-founded by Jessica Vaughn and I. Tragically, Jessica's life was cut short by a sudden heart attack back in November 2018, at the age of 42. She lived a life as a singer, musician, poet, and all around fun-loving gal, and I will eternally miss her laugh and free spirit. Around mid-2000s, continuing my pursuit in web development, I met her working at Betty Mills in San Mateo, and we'd messaged each other over AIM, cracking each other up... she told me how she did hip-hop music with her friend, Stef, called the Mind Erasers. Then we'd chat about my dreams to make movies, esp. weird horror stuff, which Jess was into, and she'd could possibly provide the music. Some how, we came up with the idea of a film production company called "Mind Erase Media", based on her music group name. And, out of curiosity, I did a search online for "minderasemedia.com" and it was available... "Do it!" she'd message me. She encouraged me to pursue the film production idea, which eventually led to my first short film,"Hubris". We've talked of many ideas to produce various ideas for projects... M.E.M went through many evolutions, and we're still here! ...and I will always point to Jess being the catalyst...


Below are two video tributes, put together by her brother, Jesse, dedicated to her Life as a creative artist and beloved by all her family & friends.

R.I.P. Jessica, and MEM4Ever!
Ray Hom, July 13, 2019


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