Mind.Erase.Media is...

...a content production crew. We specialize in film/video projects, podcasting, and various other entertainment forms of media. M.E.M takes advantage of the current online digital era to provide entertainment in this current era of NerdCulture.

Our Core M.E.M Team consists of:

Ray Hom

Bo! Campbell

Michael Calonsag
Executive Producer/michael@minderasemedia.com

Betti Vaughn

Anthony Rivera
Producer/MEMCaster/Audio Manager/anthony.rivera@minderasemedia.com

Sonam Dhanjal
Creative Designer/sonam.dhanjal@minderasemedia.com

Minh Do
Casting Director/Actor/casting@minderasemedia.com

You can contact M.E.M at contact@minderasemedia.com.

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