#MEMCast Episode 010 – JMF, Hairless & Asian

“Welcome back everyone. We had a good short break, but now we’re back in the thick of it (that’s what she said). Anyways, in this episode, Ever (@bankyy65 on the Twitter) and Ray (@rayhom also on the Twitter) talk with filmmaker and actor, Jason Michael Fong (jasonfong.com as well as @jasonyerface again on the Twitter) about his films, working on Hawaii 5-0, selling out, and especially avoiding the question regarding when Jason plays Chuck Woolery for Ray and Natalise. Hit up http://MindEraseMedia.com to check out the projects these folks as well as their whole camp work on or if you wanna leave some feedback. Tell errybody (maybe except your parents and/or your boss…unless they’re cool with what Ray says). Without further ado, enjoy the episode and HERE…WE…GO!!! This episode is funny.” – Anthony Rivera, podcast extraordinaire

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