#MEMCast Episode 011 – Hello Kitty Forever and Ever

“Hello everyone again! On this episode, Ray Hom (http://RayHom.com) shows nepotism toward his sister-in-law after a family dinner. Gen Hom joins the podcast and discusses her obsession with Hello Kitty. Sit down, listen, take some notes, and get educated about the famous iconic cat (who weighs about three apples and is as tall as five apples–the question is: are the Granny smith apples or honeycrisp?). Check out http://MindEraseMedia.com to check out the projects that Ray and his staff are doing or if you wanna leave them some awesome comments. Tell everyone (even the mayor), especially this episode because Ray does not get too graphic here. Without anymore delay, HERE…WE..GO!!!” – Anthony Rivera, podcast extraordinaire

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