#MEMCast Episode 014 – Brandon’s Peeping on Your Tom Toms

“Hey everyone! Brandon Garcia stops by to talk to Ever (Facebook.com/banky56) and Ray (RayHom.com) about being behind the camera, not giving up and persevering, and late night television. Just a heads up, sorry about the audio quality on this one, Ray is still getting used to the whole audio engineering thing, and he needs the practice still–so in the meantime, enjoy Ever’s voice in all its amplified greatness. P.S. We’ll invite Brandon on for a re-do episode. Anyways, visit MindEraseMedia.com for all things dealing with Mind.Erase.Media and tweet about us or SnapChat or Instagram us (whatever the hell the kids are doing these days). No more delay, enjoy this audio challenging episode (sorry Ray, I had to make one last joke) and HERE…..WE…….GO!!!!!” – Anthony Rivera, podcast extraordinaire

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