#MEMCast Episode 031 – Back At It Again / Meryl Streep’s Human Centipede

“Ahh August..The time when summer vacay starts to wind down, the weather gets a little bit hotter, the kids go back to school, and Ray fires up his d*ck-joke machine. Welcome back for saison (that’s season en Francais dammit) 2 of your favorite show: Mind.Erase.MediaCast. You’re in for a treat with the Gentlemen of today’s shows: Ray (@rayhom), Ever (@evertography), Willis (@woooolis), and Anthony (@murseant). They tackle such difficult issues such as Kickstarter sex toys, who’s hotter: Meryl or Sigourney, metaphysical references (i.e. Jak Slyder), and how to say “McDonald’s” in other languages.

In Part 2… Listen in as they play “SuperFight”, a card game that allows one to choose a character, gain abilities, and debate as to why his or her character can kick everyone else’s ass. (Spoilers: this game features a giant sh*tslide). As always, please visit http://MindEraseMedia.com for all the latest on all MEM everything, and tell your friends and the mayor about this podcast because it really is some kind of wonderful. And Here…..we…..GO!!!! Again!!!!!!” – Anthony Rivera, podcast extraordinaire

Listen on ITunes:
Part I: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/m.e.mcast-episode-031-part/id1008918290?i=1000374463236&mt=2
Part II: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/m.e.mcast-episode-031-part/id1008918290?i=1000374463237&mt=2

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