#MEMCast Episode 032 – Granny Cart Gangstas

“”Paging Ava Gina, once again paging Ava Gina!” It’s another episode of your favorite podcast, M.E.MCast. Ray (@rayhom) and Ever (@bankyy56) host this wonderful interview with the awesome ladies of Granny Cart Gangstas. Listen as the ladies (Ava, Alexis, Lauren, and Julie) outdo Ray with their armed arsenal of vagina jokes.

In Part 1, you will hear how Granny Cart Gangstas started, the origins within Bindlestiff, how play for adults is just as important, and how Janet is really the one with the good hair.

In Part 2, the ladies continue their discussion about who their influences are, balancing a life and being on Granny Cart Gangstas, the awesomly disgusting dish, dinuguan, and how to properly child rear.

Catch up on all things Mind.Erase.Media related at http://MindEraseMedia.com, and let us know how we’re doing with the show. Don’t forget: tell your friends about us…unless your friends are cops, don’t tell them, please…we beg you. Anyways, here we go!!!!!” – Anthony Rivera, podcast extraordinaire

Listen on ITunes:
Part I: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/m.e.mcast-episode-032-granny/id1008918290?i=1000375017573&mt=2
Part II: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/m.e.mcast-episode-032-granny/id1008918290?i=1000375017574&mt=2

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