#MEMCast Episode 33 – Matt Foster

“Are you ready to take ‘An Unexpected Journey’ to another episode of M.E.MCast? We sure are!!!!! Welcome back, you’re in for a treat as you take a trip to there and back again, with this episode’s guest, Matt Foster, game developer with 2K games, more specifically “Mafia 3”. Listen as Ray (@rayhom) talks to him about how Matt does art on paper versus digital, doing the work no one else wants to do, becoming a Hobbit, not watching “Game of Thrones” on a first date, and playing “Dungeons and Dragons.” Find us on http://MindEraseMedia.com, and give us some feedback, and make sure this episode goes viral…but not like an STD, that’s the bad kind of viral. Anyways, here….we….GO!!! Back to the Shire!” – Anthony Rivera, podcast extraordinaire

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