#MEMCast Episode 34 – Jammer Minus 2

Ray steps aside as the Jammer Crew minus two of the peeps come to invade Mind.Erase.MediaCast. Mike leads yet another discussion with his cohort of Randolph and Alfredo. They talk about the prospects of the Warriors in the 2016-17 NBA Season and discuss questions pertaining to Draymond Green’s mental stability, how the new arena will suck, how the standings will play out in the Pacific Division and the Western Conference, and when the Lakers will be the most dominant force again while the Warriors tank it and become a suck team. As always, visit MindEraseMedia.com for the latest on Mr. Ray Hom and the rest of the fellows at M.E.M, and share your thoughts because any feedback…just kidding…only good feedback will be welcome….if you have something s&*#ty to say, we don’t want it. Enjoy 3/5ths of the Jammer Crew.” – Anthony Rivera, podcast extraordinaire

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