#MEMCast Episode 35 – David Just-A-Boy

“Excuse me, it’s pronounced “soo-boy”. Welcome back to another episode led by Ray Hom (@rayhom) and Ever (@bankyy65) as they sit down and interview and then get interviewed by comedian, actor, and producer, David Tsuboi. Ray for some reason thought the T was a J…honest mistake. Anyways, they lead off with a spirited talk on Lars von Trier, then talk about how David became a producer on “Jasmine”, transitioning to stand-up comedy, playing Final Fight and boxing/combat based video games, the influence of Bruce Lee, and chorizos. Catch up on all things Mind.Erase.Media related at http://MindEraseMedia.coom, and let us know how we’re doing with the show. Don’t forget: tell your friends, your friends’ friends, and then their pets about our show…unless their pets work with the Royal Canadian Army, then don’t tell them. And…here we go!!!!!” – Anthony Rivera, podcast extraordinaire

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