#MEMCast Episode 38 – Eyes Wide Shut Millennials

“Ray’s worst nightmare has come true: the invasion of the Millennials on M.E.Mcast has come to fruition. Connor Wong (@wongnumbah on IG), Tevin Douglas (@way_too_mint on IG), Ryan “Rhino” O’Hara (facebook.com/ryan.r.ohara), and Donal Lee (@mr.donalduck on IG) team up on Ray Hom (@rayhom) and Millennialize the sh*t outta him. They discuss being in their 20s, studying veterinarian technology, hard liquors, DVD collections, and Scarlett Johanson. They also have advice for the generation after theirs. Hit up http://MindEraseMedia.com for any and everything M.E.M., and don’t forget to comment, then rate, then subscribe, then post on Twitter about us. And…HERE!!!WE!!!GO!!!!!!!!!!!” – Anthony Rivera, podcast extraordinaire

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