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Hi Filmmakers & Film Lovers,

We have some catching up to do! Mind.Erase.Media and its associates would like to apologize for the lack of an online presence here on minderasemedia.com. M.E.M has been philandering about on our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/minderasemedia lately. Therefore, we haven’t really been M.E.M M.I.A., just been busy tweaking our social networking presence.

Updating M.E.M shenanigans, here are a few highlights:

*It’s been almost a year, but, Ray Hom had spoken at a Tech conference in Saigon, Vietnam back in July 2012 about digital filmmaking. You can read about his experience here.

* Bo! Campbell’s “Lady in the Kitchen” has been a popular favorite in the fests and online in the past year. It comes highly recommended by Indy Mogul. It will also be included as part of a DVD collection of short films “A Nightmare to Remember Volume one“. You can watch it below:

* Bo! Campbell had won best “Screenwriter” and for “Anti-Hero” at the 7th Aspiring Minds Film Festival 2012.

* M.E.M had the honor of sharing our latest films and name along with Revelcade Entertainment on May 10, 2013 to present “Applause Night 2.0” screening in San Francisco. It was an event that showcased all our greatest hits and, as well as, films from fellow filmmakers that should not have been missed! We had a great, enthusiastic crowd showing support which included a showing of “Agent 6”, which also premiered at “HeroFest 2013” (both Ray Hom and Bo! Campbell made appearances in). You can read about the experience here.

* M.E.M were invited back to BigWow! ComicFest 2013 in San Jose to speak on a filmmakers panel hosted by Horror Hostess Miss Misery.

* And, finally, updated film demo reels from both Bo! Campbell and Ray Hom. Check them out!

Until next time, look out for our films at a screen near you!

– Mind.Erase.Media

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