Welcome Message From Betti Vaughn…

Greetings, and welcome to the ramblings of Betti Vaughn.

I bring you my first entry of introduction here on the M.E.M. blog.

As I reflect on all the artistic phases I’ve gone through, there were a few I felt inseparably passionate about, and that was “writing” and the art of “spoken word” (in its many forms). Although my writing skills may fall short of mediocre (due to lack of schooling) to the most discriminating of writers, in the end it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks; it’s all about that “moment”. That moment when thoughts become one with words, and words become one with expression.

I can never forget the first time I started writing – I was a 17 year old aspiring Musical Theater actress who was also a household name in the early 90’s rave scene here in the bay; everyone knew me by the name of ‘Rose‘. My love for Musical Theater and House Music influenced me to write my own musicals as well as dance music. Now, I never got a chance to showcase my skills as an amateur playwright, but I did get to perform some of my original material vocally (singing) at some hole-in-the-wall venue somewhere in the Potrero District – which I can’t remember the name of because I was completely hammered off ecstasy – but that’s when I knew writing was my nitch.

I recovered from my post-raver days and was well into my 20’s; my whole outlook on writing and singing changed and I found myself gravitating towards hip hop and r’n’b. It was hard not to because my brother was an accomplished musician who made hip hop beats on the side. After hearing some of his beats I was overcome with a feeling of new-found inspiration and was ready to take on a new roll – as a rapper/r‘n‘b singer. For years I dreamed of becoming a rich and famous rapper/singer/songwriter, writing vigorously – rap after rap – song after song. I was so determined to make it in the music industry and spent a lot of time collaborating with other producers and aspiring musicians – just to get my foot in the door . But in the end, I never became that famous rapper/singer/songwriter I so often fantasized about, but I enjoyed all the ups and downs of this road of self-discovery – not to mention all the positive feedback I got about my music…or that HUGE storage container of lyrics and compositions that I’ve accumulated throughout the years during this creative journey.

So again, as I reflect on all the artistic phases I’ve gone though, I‘ve concluded this: I am – and will always be – a writer. And even though I am but an average writer (who most of the time is at a loss for words) I do the best I can to convey my thoughts, ideas and feelings. Big up to my boy ray hom (a.k.a. Mute) for being so enthused about Project M.E.M. and motivating me to blog; it was he who told me I should keep writing and pursuing music, so that I shall do. Big things are in the works for M.E.M. so stay tuned. One love.

~Betti Vaughn~

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