Who We Are (About Us)


Mind.Erase.Media is…

…a content production company. We specialize in film/video projects, podcasting, and various other entertainment forms of media. M.E.M takes advantage of the current online digital era to provide professional entertainment.

Our Core M.E.M Team consists of:

Ray Hom

Bo! Campbell

Michael Calonsag
Executive Producer/michael@minderasemedia.com

Betti Vaughn

Anthony Rivera
MEMCaster/Audio Manager/anthony.rivera@minderasemedia.com

Sonam Dhanjal
Creative Designer/sonam.dhanjal@minderasemedia.com

Minh Do
Casting Director/Actor/casting@minderasemedia.com

You can contact M.E.M for any general inquiries at contact@minderasemedia.com.


If you are an actor/actress whom may be interested in part of a Mind.Erase.Media production, please send all inquiries to our casting director at casting@minderasemedia.com, or send all general M.E.M inquiries to contact@minderasemedia.com.


The Mind.Eraser.Drink.

We here did not create the Mind Eraser drink at Mind.Erase.Media. But we would like to share what we found through Google…

Mind Eraser Recipe

2 oz vodka
2 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
2 oz tonic water

Pour vodka, kahlua, and tonic water into a rocks or old-fashioned glass. Serve with a straw.

Source: http://www.drinksmixer.com/cat/328/

We here at Mind.Erase.Media do not condone underage drinking, nor do we drink & drive. Be mature and responsible when you plan to get “fucked up!”.