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" "Sister, do you say this. Dad looked at me next, "Jojo, raw gas which your mother?" "My name Jiao Long, Long Jiao Ma!" I looked at him loudly talking. " Grandma waved his hand, "Drive it, all right, their families do not need this." Grandma stood outside look of grievances "Yesterday, I have not looked at the loud noise, then we go home together today I could fool a good hug, What kind of things ah, but I hope the day's big night hope grandson ah !! " Heart Yun below tugged Aunt Angel, "You go to grandma could fool you. grandmother, I want to tell you, just . " "Ah, I do not play with her, she gave me a look of it can be fierce.

Xu dollars during this period did not speak, quietly turn around the stove, I approached her looked at her "big Ah, you go to my house." "In the future you will know it. Thinking, I looked at the grandmother, "basking in the yellow roof child how to do three lame on what to do ah. San Francisco Giants jerseys china " I looked That thin Suko also some hesitation, the ears and the voice sounded twins "Sister, you eat, you eat like a belly, since we can always be together. Wait for it to turn enough, and three have been standing firm lame, I feel now is like pulling a thread on a three lame head he does, a loose wire, three on the ground have lame. San Francisco Giants jerseys for kids

"" ha ha, I believe? " Grandma scolded station tired, sit down and direct the body "Today I put you put words to it, if I have happened, that is your curse, you curse this big mouth, our forests at home who will not let you you have to pro-girl unpopular with you forever! " "I fight with you! Make you say my grandma !!" I instantly broke out a small universe, and ran directly grandmother rushed passed, grandmother kindly reminded her that she does not even listen, but also dare grandmother, is not in our village so ask around who would dare talk to grandma! "Jojo! What are you doing! That is your grandma !!" Dad reaction is fast, the front before I do, I gave up a hug." I listened to the words of the grandmother of the heart can be put put, if these three lame a pass to come back trouble, I can not stand this, say grandma with grandpa age are big, that is really hands-on, who played him ah." Then, they looked at me, "Jojo ah, you big brother a Zhuo scene you go to your grandmother's house we go also to keep up, to give you a task when the sister, you take him with Angel to turn around in the county turn ah, you know to get along with him. San Francisco Giants jerseys for women Only the door of the pier child, as well as the fields and mountains is our real life normal, when one day I stepped on one pair of grandma bought me a new plastic sandals walking in the tall platform when, I thought the excitement was indescribable, a pair of eyes just keep watching, always seems to have endless. "I am for your parents hit you, they do not receive proper education alive when you and I for their education! I tell you, in that nonsense again I saw you play once you unawares something !!" Grandma also angry, staring eyes snapped three lame talking.