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" Grandma gave me tea eggs peel action paused, then sighed. San Francisco Giants majestic jerseys " Grandma's eyes a move away from my face, stood up straight, hands pick up on things with "Jiao Long ah, grandma now take you home ah. Grandmother did not speak directly to let me kneel in front to protect the family cents qualifying, then also looking for a red string, tied to the ginseng body, after incense, squints his mouth has been talking for a long while, he opened his eyes and looked at me a "Jiao Long, kowtow." I cried Enleyisheng "He kicked my foot." Grandma frown "have to give your mother to suppress ah, or else she was all right up your old home days there, okay?!" At the end, grandmother and told the words, "Do not forget to buy a point of incense burning paper, and quickly go." "That's how to do ah, after that a child on their own people, ah. I'm afraid he is a ghost, what makes me sick old contacts, but no, my child has grown so fast, is the highest in our class I, um, I can not be better than the boys, I learned not very good, but this in turn blame the children. San Francisco Giants new alternate jerseys " So saying, she He raised his face and looked at the grandmother holding a bag looks shocked, "aunt, what are you .

I frowned slightly, flame Upward Kyrgyzstan, but the smoke was as large fierce, what does this mean. Sister and grandmother that seems to be in no memos sister when an accident left her husband with another woman also ran, so Aunt sister had grown up together with her grandmother, mother grandmother called them, outsiders thought pro, in fact, they are with their father are cousins. " Grandma still said no, I said, looking at the infant, "this thing is absolutely not in our house door!" Then, the table also determined to bring his hand to my mother to throw eggs on the ground, the attitude was outrightly . San Francisco Giants official jerseys "Well, Jojo ah, then wait for tomorrow to the hospital when you make big doctor promising you, come, first on the train it." "Aunt how you ah. That all of a sudden, the father and mother have the heart to her grandmother Yun Aunt are looking to the grandmother, grandmother face some fat ignorant, he pointed to his "My thing?" Then, from the house to pull out. .

" Then, my grandmother took hand turned away." Grandpa is also the side opening said. " young married woman while waiting for you to wake up do not forget to come to me, and I wait for you to go back and pay his respects." Zhuo Wei, then let me eyes wide open, so that I can be a boy '! "But you said she was a girl when it is appropriate, Zhuo doctors ah, these words can not let Jiao Long heard ah, let her when the girl now, we have been raised as a girl, the boy suddenly became , to see how people around, ah, this account can not change ah! "grandma little anxious." Yun my mind behind my aunt looked inside, Zhuo scene lying on the couch, his eyes tightly shut, but his face pimple Liangliang still a little bit older." "Not expensive, thirty one, in that the theme park, you all right collar granddaughter play a play chant, for the first time to the big city, little town with this immeasurably.