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" "Do not laugh, I tell you, really, yesterday was my first seven milk, our home in the evening when I suddenly heard someone shot the window, my mother thought who come to scare us, a draw the curtains, my brother would mean the window and said the grandmother came back, and said grandma shot windows, old scary. San Francisco Giants retired jerseys "I told you the situation is not clear yet, in fact, this thing is still blame my mother, then I thought Jojo Jojo not survive it . San Francisco Giants personalized jerseys I do not know how to do, looked at his hands ginseng, "Son, you are the children do. San Francisco Giants replica jerseys Grandma looked at me, "Johnson dragon ah, ah grandmother tell you, every step of this world, seemingly coincidence, it is also meant to be, you do not think so much, go look at that house fragrant head and see not broken off if burn, and then re-point, two days incense can not be broken." Soul sister opened the door, turned and looked at me carefully, "Jojo ah, you speak of this only son sister think you are a little girl then, big eyes look more beautiful ah, it is not the first time I saw Sister I feel special zoning ah, rest assured ah, these days you play sister certainly brought good children." Grandfather rushed, rushed to hold me up, the grandmother next to follow, then give me a hug put kang directly to me in the arms "Jiao Long ah, ah we are not afraid, we are not wrong ah.

Dad looked at me next, "Jojo, raw gas which your mother?" "My name Jiao Long, Long Jiao Ma!" I looked at him loudly talking. And, most importantly, how I'll have to do before going to sleep, I looked across the bed stand grandmother, opened his mouth, "basking in this life I do not leave you." I feel really bad, I do not want to start from the door in this alone, the parents into the room and I saw my mother's head wrapped in a towel sitting on the bed, there is a small child lying in bed, we came in her mouth just like Dad, "you follow Sister shout Shaa, Sister was not any wrong, this is the second child would have been fined money, like our family seems to get more money. "Playing on !!" grandfather chimed in at the side, or stand in front of three lame "You hear what you say is nonsense, people are dead, you do not plot points discreet, you owe is education! Hurry, I apologize to the granddaughter, white people can you kick ah! "I stood behind her grandmother grandfather, this time looking at the three lame suddenly Oh smile, that smile just like the day I take a bath when Fengxia face much the same as, tightlipped, overcast Cici." "Grandma seat that motion sickness, or seat train better.

" I cried Enleyisheng "He kicked my foot. San Francisco Giants signed jerseys " Grandma looked at him "ambition ah, I just let you help to buy a ticket, you do not have money, Jiao Long illness I have money to see. "I am for your parents hit you, they do not receive proper education alive when you and I for their education! I tell you, in that nonsense again I saw you play once you unawares something !!" Grandma also angry, staring eyes snapped three lame talking." that's OK, you do not bother on the line.