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I do not know what kind of strength awkward, but want to talk to the grandmother has been simmering not say, come back at night when grandma was cooking dinner, I did not speak directly out books began homework, look at my grandmother entered the room obediently homework also some in a daze, "Jiao Long, you do not go out tonight, how the play. " I slow for a long time Huanguo Lai and her grandmother went to the old Xianer on incense, and it was at night when sleeping grandmother hugged, then summer, very hot day, but I'd rather sweat, nor own lying, finally sleepy anxious, he fell asleep." They look so Grandma, what did accordingly, her grandmother said there thing, squeak sound, then left. Seattle Mariners jerseys patch Tracy's husband also ignorant side, watching the grandmother "Ma aunt, this, this is good yet. Seattle Mariners jerseys sale A long while, feeling grandmother's fingers on my eyelids scratched, then opening said "Open. When I finish the job they started to help her grandmother on the table to serve later, the grandmother smiled at me, "I Jiao Long grew up ah.

I should be a mouth, a look of puzzled grandmother walked around, and this time they have to play out the coffin, I saw the bodies of a slide down the big mouse, and almost always to be into a fine, big head just like a big rabbit was, I felt to see the exciting moment." Grandmother to be a cry "It's a great deal of Reiki, either it can not be so old Oona come out ah, you go, good to talk over, and said grandma with grandpa thank him ah." I looked at grandma's mouth instinctively asks, "Basking, Great Ah do. Grandma then exhaled a long breath, then opened his eyes to see Xu Gang, "She's gone. Seattle Mariners jerseys wholesale "I understand, three lame saw it right.

Dad looked at me next, "Jojo, raw gas which your mother?" "My name Jiao Long, Long Jiao Ma!" I looked at him loudly talking. Seattle Mariners jerseys store A grandmother reluctantly look like, "That would stop this house alone, went out!" Then, heels from her mother's room and walked out. Waiting for us a platform, I saw a man wearing glasses looks very gentle woman holding a sign that says 'LIN Qiao' word. I stood there, a stubborn look, so that was my first time to talk loudly grandmother, grandmother position because in my heart no comparable, but that day I do not know how, do not want to cry, so just standing in place, let me go to grandma grandpa apologize I do not go to such a stand." I do not understand the meaning grandmother, I looked at her, "basking you in the end how, you just scared me." Grandma looked at him, smiled some sorry "ambition ah, I thought, or you do not go there, came Jiao Long grandfather had been urging me to go back early, I also recognize that other county sir, so it, I called to let others go to see relatives, to see who are the same anyway, hope you can Shunshundangdang mother Kaner the past, you say is not it? " Dad frown "Mom, is it because of something you see a doctor to Jojo mood is not good, mind told me to say, Jojo is surgery ah, but that'll have to wait, you do not have to follow the money to get angry ,By the time����" "This is not a thing, I was in total I went to the upset when Huijuan there, do not follow later, you understand what ah, I'll go back with Jiao Long ah.