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" ." Soul sister took the small "I know, I took her to check. Seattle Pilots away jerseys " I 'Oh,' a cry, this turned around, looked at me scared culprit, Xu dollars went directly to the yard, with the promise of dollars behind me, looked at me and still ask, "Jiao Long you just listen to Shane." Grandma hand touched my head "Children can not always eat this, not long a big, Jiao Long ah, this time you have heard Zhuoshu Shu said, later, you can not say he is a boy, ah, Zhuo Shushu He says you're a girl." Grandma grandpa a direct stare "They did not say Editor's Note children have their own home for you, that it Fengxia temper, I have to say is to go back to the thing, I think, ah, if milk really big Ah she had not gone , it is wrong Ken East, and then so on it. "That layer is cosmetic surgery, you are the doctor's family and relatives of a child?" He then opening." Then, grandfather paused, my eyes closed, but the feeling is the grandfather looked back at me, and I fell asleep before continuing to determine the open road. Seattle Pilots alternate jerseys

" Then scratched my hand "Jiao Long, this is your Aunt, that soul sister's sister. Seattle Pilots authentic jerseys Wow wow ah ah! ! The baby cries more and more, as if to cry like a child breathe too, and soon put everyone in the family to go trick. " Soul sister froze a moment, then nodded "Yes ah. There is a word to say to grandma's, and some things that I would grow up to know, for example, I did not explain the curious world. Grandma serious face walked up to me, crouched down and looked at me, "Are you Mr. "I'm still here, you burn me a look!" Three Crips watched grandmother, fierce expression a lot of convergence, "Ma aunt, the village in which I was the only person to face you, then if you had not, I might have completely abandoned this leg, but we one yard owned by a yard, the wooden club but I dug, your home can not just give misappropriated it.

" The young doctor looked at my hand, "Look, when the doctor is able to rescue ah., that ugly point is a witch, often before giving the god of dance, but the Cultural Revolution, when they were hit, then the god of dance waist bell hung bones, jumped to squelch the sound, but also holding the hands of what things are made of bone, called Huner giving or seeking drugs when used . I stuck his head through the window with grandpa waved until the car pulled away bumps along the way, I just close your eyes, do not know whether it was in a dream, I saw smiling children standing in front of me, "Sister, you to see the man it! " "Who?" A Ji Ling, I suddenly sat up, looked at me the grandmother next to "dreaming ah. In the evening I clean the Suko directly into pasta pot under grandpa, watching them both eat my heart is considered the place to put, in my opinion, they are my only family, I'm really afraid of them something, but grandma said to guard my children since it is, I think, he will guard my family. Grandma looked at him and sighed, "just children ah, aunt today put words to leave you this, if you still go on like this, certainly on the loose in your home, and if good, perhaps you can a wife .