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" "How can you be so rescue! Her legs have been broken into this, and I suspect that the infection caused by an allergy, you have what is the use spray liquor, feudal superstition kill people, ah! If there is anything this aunt, that you killed you know! I let the police catch you! you do not know how many people will be killed !! " Young doctor became very excited, as if he were in the face of a group of ignorant people. "Stop. Seattle Pilots new jerseys " Grandmother did not speak, but her mother Tracy opened directly cover leg towel, then to something rotting smell comes out, Tracy's mother is a scream, the whole face painful mouth shouting loudly "Oh OMG !! I die, fast knife! fast leg with a knife put to me stamped ah !!!" I gave her a leg, thigh flesh seems to be following what sharp claws to scratch open, along the yellow pus dripping out of that hole stop, then along with that kind of rancid smell, I stomach instantly crest could not help it. I ah the cry of his mouth shouting "Stop him! He's children! Are twins ah !!" Grandma stared and looked at me, "This is the Editor's Note son, Jiao Long ah, ah you up to the mountains. Because I'm going to the big city, Xu dollars meal came to me, looking very depressed look, his mouth has been talking about, "Johnson dragon ah, when you can come back. Xu dollars and back, looking directly at me, "No one has, ah, it is love seat chair before my grandmother ah, how you, you are not that scare me yet.

Who knows dawn when I heard the door being knocked out of the flip-flopped, and then her father Xu Gang Xu dollars voice rang out, "Ma aunt ah! Ma aunt! You quickly get up! My family Fengxia something happens !! " I heard Fengxia accident, immediately clear Yi Gulu getting up, and followed behind grandma steaming Teng ran out." I turned and looked at the smiling faces of the soul sister, although I do not then sensible, but that she was looking for this certain particularly wealthy boyfriend, so in order to buy her car, but let me live with grandmother so much hotel , as well as elevators, as well as the first time I met the sensing faucet and out, or hot water. Dad laughed and looked at me, "Johnson dragon like boy, Jojo more pleasant ah. At that time I have no concept of gender, and I thought I was a girl, every day is pretty silly to play joy. Seattle Pilots new alternate jerseys " Grandma pulled my hand and stood up "after the grandmother out to see the thing you follow it, you have to let grandma bigger bolder, so you will not be afraid of those things, Jiao Long ah, a lot of things, after the grandmother slowly tell you what. Seattle Pilots official jerseys

" Grandma nodded, "go. But the villagers to eat after we send home what duck eggs, and some direct control chickens came over, I think I'm tall stature but also because eating eggs to eat more." Grandma frown "have to give your mother to suppress ah, or else she was all right up your old home days there, okay?!" At the end, grandmother and told the words, "Do not forget to buy a point of incense burning paper, and quickly go. Seattle Pilots majestic jerseys I nodded, "Well, I will not go.