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But I was dreaming, I knew I was dreaming, just like everyone, and sometimes they are very clear, as in a dream, I dreamed I went to the river and watched the river in a daze, ear came a Kee crisp Choirs "sister, I can help you pull together to save her!" I turned and looked at him, is that children wearing red underwear, opened his mouth: "You have to help me with the big Ah?" He looked at me and smiled, "I have to save, I can not let you die, I love you. seattle seahawks home jerseys color " Grandma immediately Hand Waving "can not be, can not have this child household, which had the right, if spread to friends and relatives have to see how I want to where to put this old head!" After her mother had been pushed out crying, because of the family planning policy, to a second child is still relatively trouble, so my family letting both indicators stood headache product for a time became a hot potato." Grandmother grunted, laid hold of my hand, looked Fengxia a "then you have to ask you a young married woman, dead things get really not life. I'm really scared to death. seattle seahawks jerseys amazon " Xu dollar promptly change the subject but also to the spirit of my attention span to pull back. Behind grandmother's voice still sounded grandmother, she looked at the mother is saying "Huijuan, ye have the face you crying, I tell you, probably gave birth to such a thing because you get this feudal superstition mom, you know this is not retribution, our family can pour blood and broken up, three generations of a single pass ah, I tell you ah, three generations of a single pass, if you do not give birth to a son, you do not move along at home Men! " .

" Grandmother face some in a daze, she looked at the peering Zhuo unicorn, brow slightly Organisation up, "you just talk to him?" I Enleyisheng "yes ah, just in the elevator when . "Zhuo Doctor, you said that my family is a girl Jiao Long is it?" Grandma next tentative asked. My grandfather had a washbasin end to throw out my knee wound clean sand, and then on the red syrup, mouth talking about the "It's not evil door you, old woman, you go to a bar, is not really not walked. seattle seahawks hockey jerseys Follow grandma to go back when I looked back across the river, the mountains are a verdant green, suddenly, I actually saw a hint of red, clearly far away, but I see very clearly, it is that the child, he was waving at me. seattle seahawks infant jerseys "Well, really, this money is not a small number ah.

"I'm not alone in this house, and not a minute too. Grandmother froze a moment, took my hand and went over, "ambition, are you hanging over." My whole body was beaten ache, but still Gengzhebozai "I can choose, I know I'm not normal! You make me girl, I do not like girls!" "You ." I am speechless, hand fiercely press a little button closing, look at him, "Give me your mouth, put a clean point ah, that no one would dare we say it to me. Then, the child stood up on the yellow roof of my house turning a circle, so I did not understand what it meant then, the villagers began to exclaim: "? Oh mother, three lame ye also turn on" I was stunned, looked at the roof of the yellow sub look to three lame, which erupted completely stunned, and yellow sub-roof seems to be able to control the three lame in general, what it does, three lame followed to do anything, it is circling, circling three lame followed.