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" Then, they looked at me, "Jojo ah, you big brother a Zhuo scene you go to your grandmother's house we go also to keep up, to give you a task when the sister, you take him with Angel to turn around in the county turn ah, you know to get along with him. " Went to the hotel entrance, the grandmother stopped, looked at me, "Jiao Long, grandmother tell you, that boy an evil bone, but for his good home conditions, what should be the ability to find a man to his town with those things, otherwise he would be dead., that ugly point is a witch, often before giving the god of dance, but the Cultural Revolution, when they were hit, then the god of dance waist bell hung bones, jumped to squelch the sound, but also holding the hands of what things are made of bone, called Huner giving or seeking drugs when used . seattle seahawks jerseys for dogs " I also stood up "Your father so soon and find a ah, you can stepmother to you, please. seattle seahawks jerseys for sale " Soul sister nodded his head, followed me into the elevator together and grandmother, "that while I direct you to a meal in the hotel, on the other downstairs, a good rest tonight. When I opened my eyes again, I've been lying on the kang home, with grandma grandpa was sitting looking at me, his mouth straight saying "all right, all right, and woke up all right.

" "Hey! Good. But the children really cute, I have not seen him so beautiful child, always little face flushed, smiling like a happy baby, who is pretty instinctive things like, moreover I also saved two children times." Tracy man a little nervous, but still got the wine and gave it to her grandmother, the grandmother took the wine eyes closed after drink a big mouth, and then facing Tracy mother's legs "Poof !!! "look, the whole wine sprayed out." Grandma looked Yun a heart, look to the grandmother "This big girl must have their own small mind, and besides, she go to school every day, told me how close ah." I did not expect grandma listened to me but snorted, "Yan Wangye do not love the rascal he received his life long!" Then, directly he took my hand and walked toward the house.

He leaped to run for a long time, and suddenly all of a sudden fell to his knees on the ground, his hands tightly grabbed his neck, his face turned red red just like that time was Fengxia mouth Zhang also said: " do not tease me, do not tease me, give me strangled . seattle seahawks jerseys green Because along the way has been thinking about things, and so they recovered when the grandmother has given me to the river, I froze for a moment, watching the grandmother "doing here ah." I froze for a moment, watching the grandmother, "I rescued the big Ah?" I do not remember, the last memory that I kept fluttering in the river, extremely uncomfortable." I do not know, "basking eye good soul sister pregnant with a relationship yet." Soul sister are too busy to greet us, and it's caught my father's arm, "until later, her brother, and quickly to help, little scene out of a thing!" "Little King, who is a little scene ah!" Dad was bewildered soul sister pull it out of the running, I rushed back to her grandmother also shouted "Mom, Jojo, you guys do not go !!" I am a little fat ignorant, I feel this matter how attached a one, that Zhuo King come in yet, thinking, I looked up at grandma "basking, you also go.