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" "Since Jojo want to go, then I send you, you buy a ticket to it. seattle seahawks replica jerseys " Grandma looked at her and asked not help exports." "Little King, how do you come ah. seattle seahawks retired jerseys " Grandma has turned around, looked at heart Yun Aunt "What omen, how I have not heard. But I was already too busy to think so much, hand to pull him over "three lame! My children do !!" I feel I have to cry out, a living child children how was he did not shout! Three Crips pawing the earth side of the hand, while looked at me, "Ma Jiao Long, on one side you go you hear, you do not understand a child, I thought he was a child Son, this is a fine ginseng doll !! " At that time I followed grandmother grew up, some of the adults used to call my grandma with grandpa's name, they named Ma, so most people call me Ma Jiao Long, very few actually know my name is Lin. seattle seahawks reebok jerseys "If the town doctor said Johnson Long can surgery, she completely let it become a girl, the future can get married yet.

" Grandma suddenly sigh, I feel an itch forehead, wiped the sweat from my grandmother hand "is the child's own way, to let her go, what we do is useless, but I'd rather she a person, I hope my granddaughter very happy in this life. I looked up at her, "What are you afraid of, people say that the first seven back to see, all right. And these neighbors are not just so flattered her, one after another leave the rhetoric he found what the chickens of the pigs, not for a minute or two, all gone. seattle seahawks red bryant jerseys " Grandma nodded, hand patted the shoulders of the soul sister "spiritual ah, mind you this, aunt understand, but you do not fit the city people Jiao Long, first, the physical aspects of her I will not say, secondly, she is a wild girl, maybe at all times to follow the doctor's nephew Cho fight . I suddenly anxious, and it's holding his thigh, "No! You can not go !! It was twins, you give him buried! You give him buried! You can not sell him !!!" "You're a girl would you silly ah! I buried him there with you, you did not hear and quickly let go, do not think you play with him he is yours, you know you ass ah !!" I was clinging to his legs and hold "He is not mine, nor is it to you, he is a son, you give him buried! He is in the mountains !!!" "Go!" Three cripple the hard, directly to me flung to one side, I have to stand up and rushed to him directly that he flew slightly lame leg kick to kick to my stomach, and I was on could not carry, "ah!" screams a cry, she stepped back and direct his palms on the ground, that he almost did not want to kick a little life.

I frowned slightly, flame Upward Kyrgyzstan, but the smoke was as large fierce, what does this mean." Grandma looked at her "Object ah?" Soul sister nodded, some helpless smile, "yes ah, Hao Fan, always call me. Grandma looked at his face serious soul sister, opened his mouth, "Remember, we must first child was born, remember ah." I emphasize, do not understand why the family must say I am a girl." I should cry, he stopped and turned to face her, "You come to see me play ah.