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" Soul sister shook her head "aunt See you outside, OK, I do not say another word, Jojo indeed still small, so I'm going to give you a meal to go ah." Just then, the grandmother came, I woke up to see a clear expression relax a bit, then sat beside Xu dollars, holding her hand, "Well, all right, Ma grandmother told you not finished, all in the past ah, you do not be afraid." Grandmother froze a moment, "did not say let you take your pants off, ah, this child, they say. "Dead stuff! Dare you come to my house!" Grandma suddenly behind me shouted it, immediately, put something to throw something in the past, the grandmother threw Fengxia be hit, 'Ow' ! On coping scream suddenly he disappeared, leaving only a pool of water damage." He tugged on his own shoulder bag, 'whispering' out "stupid, people go chant. Grandma nodded "from the start. When we turned around, only to find Xu dollar has been in the back, watching my grandma, tearful opening "Ma grandmother, my mother will not die of it. seattle seahawks wolf grey jerseys

ah! "snapped! And loudly. seattle seahawks williams jerseys I can not go home, but they will not let me in the hospital, for a time became a place for my trouble. But I saw, a long-haired woman, her head crooked where stockings wrapped around his neck, tied the other end of the stockings on the tie rod above the toilet, legs in the bathtub half kneeling, face toward the we stared at the blood-red eyes, stretched out his long tongue. When I went to school get the results back, grandmother just put down the phone, looked at me, "Johnson dragon ah, grandmother to take you to the provincial capital, and the day after tomorrow we go ah. " Grandma nodded, "oh." Then, floating went to the sofa, where an ass sat down, his face sad sad look.

Wake up, soul sister to come pick me her grandmother, and then took me directly to her grandmother went to the hospital, the hotel housing the elevator down to the time that the woman committed suicide yesterday that floor, the elevator door opened a little, there are a few a policeman came in, I saw the woman's room was sealed, and my heart kind of strange feeling that is not clear. Grandma looked at me and smiled, "grandmother all right ah, this Jingui yet, have to stay well, can not just spoil ah. Grandmother beside the opening "OK, break up with somebody, whether these things are not taught adults, we do not think about. "This is not nonsense it! Hurry to the hospital it !!" Rural doctors a look at Tracy's mother fainted, strode to the front of the grandmother: "! You did it harm you know, this is no scientific basis ah" Grandmother with eyes closed in that slow, then opened his eyes and looked at the young doctor a "how harm me, I was to save people. sell nfl jerseys wholesale Maybe too loud is loud, the Angel also came down. But I was already too busy to think so much, hand to pull him over "three lame! My children do !!" I feel I have to cry out, a living child children how was he did not shout! Three Crips pawing the earth side of the hand, while looked at me, "Ma Jiao Long, on one side you go you hear, you do not understand a child, I thought he was a child Son, this is a fine ginseng doll !! " At that time I followed grandmother grew up, some of the adults used to call my grandma with grandpa's name, they named Ma, so most people call me Ma Jiao Long, very few actually know my name is Lin.