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" "No trouble. He stood outside the elevator, looked at me, then frowned slightly, off the headphones, eyes cold "Where to wild boy, this is a special elevator health care, it is for you to play, come out. San Jose Sharks jerseys kids "Jiao Long ah, not finished your toilet. Jiao Long My dad said if I did not you . " I smiled at her, "Well, you are my friend. Just went to my house, I saw Tracy busy panic ran over, then my heart was instinctively think it was Tracy's children have a thing, or else she would not be so anxious." "I bless your gods, if you please, sister.

" Carter, crying baby cough twice, started out of his mouth spits, spits the father anxious and tried to will hold the child "OK, ah go to the hospital to allow doctors to see this morning how a discharge back on the case yet." "Fart!" Grandma butt from the couch and stood up, hand pointing to the grandmother, "You really have not changed ah, I was not really anxious soon be dead, just in Huijuan that house is not what you do Ghosts, so children will wow crying, I was thinking about getting old now Huijuan also a son, and do not be too stiff relationship with you, you touch, pedal go out into the nose, face climb ah, how, is not back to I will tell you can break ah, then let me be grateful to you ah! " "Mom, what are you doing ah, mother not like that!" Dad saw my grandmother excited quickly pull her up, I can not stand, and ran in a few strides, watching my grandmother shouted loudly " my grandma would not nonsense! " Grandma's face a more green, looked at me and teeth "Little bastard, you go away! This is where you and your talk, you Sangmen a star!" I stared at her, for a time unable to control my tears some grandmother never said so to me. Jiao Long, we go back and look at it. " Grandma's eyes a bit complicated, watching the mind, and nodded. "By the time you know, sister, if you remember back to find me play ah, I have to go back, which is the bad guys. San Jose Sharks jerseys for women " I know this is doing Zhuoshu Shu, had seen her grandmother done, this is Quxie Quxie fingers with chopsticks, but Zhuoshu Shu do like her grandmother to do the same, exactly where is not the same, I but unable to speak.

" Waiting for the elevator to mind sister took me her grandmother down the long corridor hotel, took my grandmother, the pace suddenly stopped, looked at a soul sister "spiritual, we are to live in this layer do. San Jose Sharks jerseys for kids " "I finished the job and then play. leg, how could this . I also heard people say so. San Jose Sharks jerseys for sale " Then, soul sister waved at me, "Jojo ah, you come, sister to introduce you, this is your nephew Zhuoshu Shu, Zhuo King, you called the big brother." Said, also took out an envelope from his pocket and handed grandmother "took this money, we must surmise Well, I have to contact the hospital finished, Joe Joe sister just that in practice, you go directly to her on the line, I let her pick you up at the station, time to arrange your stay or something." My grandmother's eyes looked down the Ferris wheel, "after you grow up you see grandma collar ah, come to eat, you do not say hungry yet.