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" Grandpa sighed, and will no longer answer. " "Oh, you do it is useless to speak of the heart." "Why ah. Seattle Pilots signed jerseys "Oh mother my old lady so nice for our family, what's good for her tight I ah, you said last night she came back for what demon, it scared me, but also to her funeral not do very scenery I do, how we come back grinding ah, really alive is not unreasonable, nor unreasonable ah dead! " I listened to the words of my heart still Fengxia together, it does not know who is not unreasonable ah, her grandmother promised dollar is not what we do not see, how to say it so nicely. "Grandma, you count on me?" I look puzzled to see the grandmother. " I do not know is scared or fall pain, tears rushing to flow out of "I saw, I also look laughing, scared me ." Some grandma grandmother looked suspiciously "This is not a big age people normally do, then talk to young children than the Manner of yet." "Big Ah, your mother ." Then, look at me, "Johnson dragon ah, you have to remember that you are not the same with the other kids, you will see, so , even if you saw it, you do not go out nonsense, easy to scare the people you know. Seattle Pilots personalized jerseys

" Grandma nodded. "But the big Ah ye not see it. "I speak to you not interrupt!" Grandma snapped dad cry, look at me "either, now you go along with your grandma, or, back, knees to your Aunt admit. There are some things, I think that adults do not know, but I know it is in my heart, I only have feelings for two people, grandma, grandpa, only to have feelings for a piece of land, that is the village, I think this is my home, jump on the local side, and I am neither curious nor think." Angel eyes just like me, looking at my grandmother are somewhat nervous, pulled dead heart Yun Aunt did not let go. "Jiao Long, you all right." I looked out the window, "basking, county real buzz. Seattle Pilots replica jerseys "Well, she is my niece.

" I think that really says Xu dollars I slept too long, I feel my mind made ignorant of everything happening now feel somewhat difficult to accept, Xu dollars should not also angry with me do, how all of a sudden like nothing children who do the same." Grandma sighed, looked at me, "Jiao Long ah, you are still very small, the children ah, this is probably been waiting for you, otherwise, like him, where people can easily find it, not easy." Grandma replied, sitting kang edge, continue opening said, "to tell you ah, I'm at home in the afternoon to a Gua Bu Jiao Long, her married life in committing evil barge, can not marry , in this life, it is a person." "Yeah, a man can break . Seattle Pilots retired jerseys I lifted my eyes full of silent watching him, "elevator to the ." Grandma whispered mantra, then raised his face to watch the roof, talking about what his mouth silent, 'shabu' look, that yellow child on the roof was gone. Three Crips watched angrily lying on the floor of my "no big or small, you're a wild child you do not know, either to see basking on your face I can take your life, mother, dare he wasted a fortune! "Then he walked down the hill stride.